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Men & Women.

Chef coats and Trousers.

As the name says they are worn by Chef during cooking .It is a overcoat in twill finish usually in white full sleeves. They have Mushroom button closure which looks appealing. 

Trousers are kept free and loose so that the cooks are comfortable while cooking.

For housekeeping staff, Mandarin collar shirts with Elastic pants are issued. Both shirt and trousers are of same colour, with few designs and tipping done to make it look appealing.

Waiter / Reception Uniforms.

Formal shirts , trousers, waistcoat or blazers are worn by Waiter or Receptionist. Latest designs are available with premium quality fabric for the front desk and customer facing staffs

P.S-All the products are totally customisable from fabric ,design, logo, colours to             packaging.

Chef caps/ Bandana.

To protect the food , cooks and kitchen staffs wear caps and bandana. We have two basic design for it. Multiple colours can be provided as well as contrast of colours too.

Housekeeping Uniforms

Chef Kitchen Aprons / Waiter waist Aprons

Kitchen Aprons are worn by chef over thier chef coats so that the coats doesn't get spoiled. Adjustable straps given near the neck tie for better fit.

Waist aprons available too for the waiters with pocket to keep and carry their essentials during work.