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Boiler Suits & Dungarees

We offer different kind of quality in workwear Flame Retardant and Non Flame Retardant with multiple choices of reflective tapes around the coverall.

All the Workwear are Totally customisable from fabric to reflective tapes to buttons to packaging.

Work Jackets

Work Jackets are worn over shirt, preferred by officials during their site visit. Usually we provide zipper and few reflective tapes as it is worn at site. Currently we have been supplying HPCL and DAS Offshore for their Team. Customisation can be done as requested.

Lab Coats

R&D team prefers lab coat , the design is same as Doctors coat but the material used in it is preferably 100% cotton.

Thick fabric is preferred as no chemical should penetrate to the coat. Full sleeve and Half sleeve as per your choice.

Work Vest

These are sleeveless jackets , usually preferred by the supermarkets. Light fabric quality is chosen as it is just to identify them from the crowd.Lining will be provided in the vest for the stiffness and better look.

High Visibility Work Vest

For the heavy industries and construction staff where there is high movement of heavy vehicles, High Visibility vests are provided as they have multiplet reflective and are in radium bright colors.

P.S-All the products are totally customisable from fabric ,design, logo, colours to             packaging.

Work trousers or Cargos

These are basically worn with the workshirts, Material will be same for both or different as requested.Multiple pockets can be provided for storing tools and accessories.

Reflective tapes can be stitched.