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Domestic & International

School Shirt

We currently are supplying to most of the Schools and University in South-East Asia  and are fulfilling their uniform requirement. Any pattern and fabric can be catered and be supplied. School shirts with different design or the current following pattern can be provided.Please get in touch for customised pattern or current design as well.


Blazers for boys and girls will be provided with premium finish and high quality lining will be provided in it. Design will be a modern fit , not too tight or loose . Buttons and closure will be as per your choice.

Sport Uniforms  

T-shirts and Shorts or Tracks will be preferred in hosiery or knit material. Quick dry fabric in polyester material is recommended for sport sessions.Row wise colors can be issued. Cotton polo T-shirts is chosen nowadays as the basic uniform which is available too.

School Ties or Bows

Ties and Bows add charm to the uniform. Basic embroidery of the school or university logo can be given on the tie to look it more appealing. Bows for small kids will look cute and add beauty to their uniform.

Belts Shoes and Caps

Few Schools prefer wearing their own belt as it becomes a part of uniform and looks more systematic. School logo or emblem can be printed on the buckle for a better look. Shoes of various sizes and brands can be provided as a set with uniforms. Caps for parade or school picnic can be given with customisation.

P.S-All the products are totally customisable from fabric ,design, logo, colours to             packaging.

School Skirts and Frocks.

Instead of pants we can provide skirt or frocks to girls. Wide and comfortable design will be provided for a better fit and easy movement. All grade sizes will be available as per size chart or as per request.