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Men & Women.

Security shirts

Security shirts with front double pockets and flaps, shoulder flaps for ranking the personnel and a back loop for lanyard. All the flaps are fused with canvas to have a better and stiff look. Shirts available in Shirting as well as Suiting Material.

Caps complete the whole set of uniform as it gives the professional look. Maybe its a driver or a security , it has to be a must. Different pattern available as per shown in the images.

P.S-All the products are totally customisable from fabric ,design, logo, colours to packaging.

Security Jackets.

Security jackets are worn over shirt to provide more warmth in the cold region. They can be designed in sleeveless as well as full sleeves as per your choice. The colour of the jackets match with the shirt and pant to look in uniformity.

Security Belts Caps Accessories.

Security pants.

Trousers with three loops other than general belt loops so that the Security belt fits in perfect. Security pants are made in regular fir so that the user is comfortable wearing them the whole day.

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