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Men & Women.

Basic Doctors coat with open collar and back cut is always in stock with us for the emergency requirement. We have different kind of fabrics in it Plain and Twill weave, we make sure the cotton content is more as it should be comfortable.It cane be personalised by the Name or Logo embroidered on the Coat. 

Patient Uniform or Gown

Patient dresses with different pattern as well as gown is available in light fabric and colours too. Recent batch was delivered to Kohinoor Hospital with fabric as per their choice in lining design.

Nurse Uniforms.

Nurse uniform top with pyjamas comes as set. Piping of a contrast colour will be provided to give it a charm. Pockets as per choice. Logo on the pocket will be recommended. Different collar designs are available.

Ward Boys

Similar to nurse dress, we provide top and pyjama sets to ward boys. Pockets will be provided in both shirt as well as pant. Side cut or Back cut in shirt as per your choice.

To have a full protection during surgery, caps has to be worn. We have different patterns for male and female considering their volume of hair. For clean room garments snood is available too i.e full head cover.Nose mask in the same fabric will be available.Number of plies as per choice.

Autoclavable Fabric available , please do ask for it.

P.S-All the products are totally customisable from fabric ,design, logo, colours to             packaging.

Operation Theatre Gowns widely known as OT Gowns are available here in all colours as per your choice. Closure of OT gowns are at the back with side Tie to keep it fit and secure and sleeve is stitched with rib so that it grips ur wrist.